The art institute of legendary Kathak maestro, Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj



KALASHRAM is the art institute of Kathak maestro Pt. Birju Maharaj. It focuses on imparting training in the field of Kathak, alongwith various other associated disciplines i.e. vocal & instrumental music, yoga, painting, Sanskrit, stagecraft etc.

Kalashram, whose syntax is `Kala’ + `Ashrama’, dedicates itself to true work, creative thinking and humble attitude.

The objective of the institute is to produce highly talented students from all strata of society and help them to earn, sustain & grow through their art.

Art has a very strong role in developing the mind, the balance in perception, clarity of thoughts, strengthening mental & physical energy, inspiring leadership qualities with a compassionate approach. Kalashram believes that the society should realize – art is not merely entertainment, it enlightens one’s existence.

The art institute of legendary Kathak maestro,
Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj

Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj

The art institute of legendary Kathak maestro, Padma Vibhushan Pt. Birju Maharaj

Aims and Objectives

Kalashram runs on the Guru-Shishya Parampara, where our main concern is to give individual attention to the students, helping them to grow and mature into complete artistes with high standards.

An exposure through workshop, lecture-demonstration is given to all students in allied art forms i.e. literature, painting, crafts & dramatics, and a general awareness is created towards the rich legacy of India.



Kalashram artists have performed at the NABC festival in USA; Khajuraho festival, Kala Ghora festival in Mumbai, Sangit Kala Mandir – Kolkata, Sirpur Festival- Chhatisgarh, Awadh Sandhya – Lucknow, Jaipur festival, Nimrana & more

This is the major Dance & Music annual festival held in February
Holi Utsav
Celebrating the color festival through dance & music
Evaluation program of passing out students
Varshik Utsava
Showcasing the work of the students
Sadhana Festival
Annual workshop & program highlighting young talents from all across India
Panchatatva Festival
Providing platform for young talents (held in Mumbai)
Dance & Music festival held in Kolkata


Dance Drama / Ballet

Romeo &

Buddha –
The Eternal



Courses Offered

We offered concurrently for both juniors and adults.

Tradition Meets Innovation

Enroll Now for Parallel Classes - Tailored for Juniors & Adults

Annually, examinations are administered in April/May, and following the completion of the assessments, certificates are distributed to acknowledge and commemorate the achievements of students.

Unleash Your Artistic Journey with Kalashram!

Premier Kathak Dance Training,
Vocal Music & Tabla as Integral Subjects,
Painting Classes for Young Artists.

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